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Hazelbaker curently serves the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) as a designated third party auditor. He performs Dive Safety Audits for the ADCI on new member firms, those that have experienced a serious accident or fatality, and Associate member commercial dive schools who issue ADCI certifications.

He also offers this service to individual Dive Firms and/or Engineering firms or General Contractors who have hired a dive firm subcontractor to insure their diving operations are being managed in full compliance to all applicable standards and regulations.

Mr. Hazelbaker utilizes the ADCI Audit Protocol format and will audit to verify compliance to ADCI, OSHA, USCG and USACE Standards and Regulations.

The dive Safety Audits are comprehensive and include all aspects of a dive contractor’s operations including; Office/Administration requirements, Personnel Qualifications, Life Support Equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Testing procedures and Dive Site Inspections.

Hazelbaker reviews the Companies Safe Practices Manual, Dive Plans, Emergency Management Plans JHA/AHAs and all other required paperwork and documentation. His final reports are detailed and will list all deficiencies discovered citing specific Standard/Regulation references with recommendations for the appropriate mitigation.